Social Media

Having an impactful social media presence requires more than just posting great content: It requires your brand to engage with your audience. Your social media isn’t just a broadcast outlet for pumping out promotional content: It is a powerful portal for two-way dialogue. Our community managers take a proactive approach to engage with your community. We’ll create relationships with your followers and seize every opportunity to interact (instead of simply reacting) with your community.
1. Monitor
We track all mentions of your brand, review all messages, comments and reviews, and identify key influencers who engage with your brand
2. Engage
We will curate and maintain a voice aligned with your brand’s personality, encourage customers to share pictures of your products, gather testimonials and encourage positive reviews
3. Moderate
We filter out comments that don’t add value, troubleshoot customer complaints, and forward certain messages to the customer service team
4. Measure
We provide valuable, raw feedback to understand where your brand can improve, report on which platforms your community is most active on, provide weekly engagement reports